Paper Street Brewing Company

We are not just a company, we want to make the world even more awesome!  Great beer is one way to start doing that.  Paper Street was founded by Robby Burns in 2013 to create different beers for everyone to enjoy.  Of course we have the classic IPA, Porter and Amber.  But you will also find seasonals like a Vanilla Chia Porter, Franklin Belgian, White Scottish, Crimson Ale, Rye Pale or whatever we feel like putting into the brewing cauldron.  

Besides making awesome beer we decide that we needed to help our community, because without them we don't exist.  So for every pint and growler fill that we sell at our Alehouse we give a nickel to Feeding America Food Bank.  The arts are also encouraged by hanging local artwork, bringing in different culinary masters, art classes, open poetry nights and SCRAP nights.  Through a simple beer company we are hoping that we can make a lasting connection and impact on our community.

The Alehouse

The Burns family have been having epic gatherings for years.  The Paper Street Alehouse is an extension of those functions.  We want you to come down with some amigos, hang out and  have a great Paper Street beer. If you and your friends decide that you want some grub while your in the middle of an intriguing conversation, playing a fun card game or a shuffle board battle, we have you covered. 

Paper Street Folks

Robby Burns | Founder, Brewery President



Sammi Burns | Alehouse Manager

Sammi is  a lighthearted, fun soul.  She is a Pasco farm girl who went to WSU and double majored in  sociology and anthropology.  After doing the working day to day she headed down to Ecuador and volunteered with a tribe in the Amazon.  When she was heading home she thought that it might be fun to become a part of a new and exciting company.  She really likes unicorns. 

Paperstreet April 10th 2014 edited-6.jpg

Nick Thompson | Alehouse Cool Guy

This little guy brings the swagger to Paper Street.  Another Pasco kid that loves Lord of the Rings (he even went to New Zealand to see the set) and soccer.  After getting his degree in business administration he thought that it would be fun to help out some buddies and show Paper Street how to be a cool kid.


Larissa Barth | Design Goddess

The best designer that Paper Street could ask for.  She is the creative genius behind our logo and almost all of the sweet graphics that you see.  Born and raised in Yakima she swam for WSU, got her masters and is doing what she loves, building brands! Check her stuff out at

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